Six word story : Passion

And here I go again, trying to capsule a message in six words,in response to Ben Nicholson’s challenge. The theme this week is Passion.

My entry is: She kept sprinting, exhausted and exhilarated.


As a beginner runner this resonates with me because this was how I felt the day I ran my first 5K. I wanted to run for 30 minutes straight, no matter how exhausting. I had trained for 8 weeks to get there and I simply had to give myself the satisfaction of accomplishing my goal.

This, however, is dedicated to all the serious fitness enthusiasts I know, and do know quite a few of them. To those who pack running gear into their holiday bags, to whom sweating it out at a triathlon is the best form of unwinding, and whose bikes cost more than their cars. Their passion is truly inspiring.

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