Little drops of Happy

There’s something magical about creating something, having something to show for. Like a trophy you can look at and feel content with. It doesn’t matter if the piece of work you’ve created isn’t perfect, if you’ve coloured outside the lines accidentally, or if there’s a smudge here and a smear there.

It could be a new recipe you tried to mimic off the internet, not as breathtaking as it looked in the pictures but really, REALLY good.

A poem you wrote. It doesn’t rhyme, not very well at least, but you think it’s nice and shiny. Great job for a beginner.

Or in my case, it was my first (and only) painting. My inspiration for this post, my little piece of art that has earned itself a rightful place in my soon-to-be home. Would I look at it twice if I saw it at a store? Maybe not.


There’s something about taking time out and making an effort to do something you don’t really see as your skill. Because what you know you’re good at, you already know.

There are always some things you never thought you’ll enjoy, or be good at, or both. I never ever thought I’d run for fun, and now I run thrice a week. Run in the rain? Love it. Snow? Even better!

My interpretation is that it’s about taking your interests for granted and finding out years later that you were wrong about yourself. Keeps the magic alive :).