Weekly six word story challenge 2 – week 1

Thats a complicated title now, isn’t it?

This is a different six word story challenge, hosted by @nicolaauckland from Sometimes Stellar Storyteller. Since I enjoyed the one by @bencnicholson so much, I jumped at this second weekly challenge as well :). But I’m a chatty person you know, too many six word stories may make me a quiet individual! Or maybe not, the damage is too deep :D.

The theme for this week is: a twist in the story.

And my attempt is: Wanted sugar, picked up salt instead.

Looks delicious but...

Image from here

Let me know what you think 🙂


5 thoughts on “Weekly six word story challenge 2 – week 1

  1. Together with the picture it calls for different feelings: first the “oeps” , then the imaginer taste of salt in my mouth, followed by “Oh no…not that”. And a big laugh thinking about the looks on peoples faces when they taste this good looking, delicious treat…..oh no again……..
    And that all after six words………

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