The day I skipped a day

Sometimes routines can really get to you. It doesn’t have to be about work. In my case I suddenly realised that for at least a couple of months I was literally executing my life like a computer program : Wake up. Make tea. Faff about on the internet. Get ready for work. Pick up the exact same coffee everyday, work, go to the gym, cook, have dinner while watching some TV……… If it is this boring to read this, imagine realising you’ve been doing this over and over again all summer. And add to the mix the fact that everyone around you is going to beautiful places for lovely holidays.

So I picked a day with no scheduled meetings, and decided to completely dedicate it to detoxifying myself. Not literally, because I still had my teas and coffees :D. Detox myself from being so entirely predictable!

It was a lovely summer day, one of our last few days of bright sunshine this year, in southern England.


I picked up my favourite coffee and started walking towards my favourite spot in town. Here’s why it’s my favourite- it’s like a nest. A lovely pond with oh so many ducks, tucked cosily into a gorgeous, sprawling park.

image A bench, my camera, the serenity, and the odd passerby who came around to feed the little angels. I only knew when I looked at my watch that it had been over an hour.

I walked a little more and found myself a nice tree to sit under, and pulled out my book from my backpack. A riveting non-fiction about post independence India, this one kept me hooked for a long long time. It was a narrative, it was real, about people I had heard about and read about.

It was past lunch time, and I didn’t care. I just wanted to be out, under my tree, in my park with my book. Lunch could wait, lunch was normal.


It was only when it started to cloud up (Britain really couldn’t hold its end of the day for me, it just had to get cloudy!) that I got out of my trance and made my way back home. Content with my little off-site.

I took a nap. I watched rubbish videos on YouTube. I cooked a big batch of my favourite pasta sauce. I wrote my first Six Word Story.

And just like that, I was ready to plunge myself back into the whole wake up, have tea, go to work….again :).


19 thoughts on “The day I skipped a day

  1. Wow,, these are the days I call a “present”…. Your story is a good reminder for all of us busy people to “skip a day” πŸ™‚ I will take a few of these days this week, and hope the Dutch weather will be without the clouds we now so well over here as in your country! (when I look at the weather forecast on British tv I always now what is heading our way πŸ˜‰ )

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