Inside the head of a psychopath

As always I was lost in the vortex of ideas that Pinterest has to offer. And then I stumbled on this writing prompt. It freaked me out, and I wanted to give it a go. Let me know what you think.


I’m either going out for ice cream, or to commit a heinous crime. I’ll decide in the car.

Sunny day, great weather for some really amazing ice cream. Cookies and cream.. maybe with glazed hazelnuts. I don’t know though, I haven’t really worked out after last night’s burgers.

SO MANY people on the street. Bloody school holidays, so much effort to just come out for a drive and an ice cream! I can just feel it in my blood. It’s like an itch. Given the crowd here, I can cause a hell of a panic. Cries, chaos, news crews, photos….Maybe I’ll start with the kids. Oh wait, did I get the gun?.. Yeah there it is, ok then.

Look at that little guy in blue. Playing with pebbles. What’s so special about pebbles? If he were to fling pebbles at passers by,maybe sneakily, then I’d be interested to watch. But this chap is just piling them on one another. He’s making plain choices with his life, he’s going to turn into a regular adult with a regular life. If I let him.

Oh his mum looks pretty. Effortlessly pretty in that lovely sundress. I bet she thinks she has complete control of her life with her diets and her workouts. Let’s see…. I’ll make this an objective decision. If I find a nice ice cream worthy of this beautiful day then yes she lives. It’s not my call to make really, it’s up to the ice cream vendor.

Need to choose a nice spot to seat myself first. I need to be comfortable. So do the kids I suppose, they’re going to have a rough day ahead. Well not all of them. Only the ones that aren’t lucky enough to perish right away.

Oh this is a good one! “Kelly’s home made ice cream parlour“. It’s perfect. Quite the queue here! Let me get my ice cream first. It’ll not going to be easy to buy ice cream once I… well.

A large Cookies and Cream please. With chocolate sprinkles and hazelnuts. Thank you.

That is delicious. Mother of boy in blue… You have passed through to round 2! Congratulations..

Oh dear. Another 2000 calories to burn. Never mind, I have an eventful afternoon to look forward to. I am sure there’ll be a police chase of some sort involved. I’ll get a good run then. Now where were we?


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