I have the attention span of an 8 year old. For the last couple of years, I’ve been juggling hobbies, waiting for that one activity that captures my imagination and changes me for life. You know, like it happens in movies, where someone starts something accidentally, and goes on to make that their life’s purpose.

It all started with baking, back when I spent a year in the Middle East. All of a sudden, my kitchen was filled with the warm aroma of freshly baked cookies and flavourful breads. I used to bake every day after work. For a few months, we didn’t buy bread from the market, I baked every loaf of bread we had. However, I have baked only once since I moved to the UK. Still like it, but can’t seem to find the enthusiasm for it anymore.

This year, I’ve grown a herb garden, tended to it, cared for it, treated it like a baby. And when my strawberry plant (I know it’s not a herb, bigger picture please!) bore it’s first fruit, I clicked pictures and bragged to all my friends. I felt like this is what I was born for, and that someday I’ll have a big enough garden to grow all my vegetables.


Fruit 2: still excited.
Fruit 3: meh.
There. Fizzled out. 3 fruits is all it took.

The thing that stayed with me was my love for cooking. No I don’t like cooking everyday, and no I don’t enjoy finishing one meal only to think about what I need to make next. The kind of cooking I love, is about finding recipes online and tweaking them and executing them to perfection (that last bit has the potential to go horribly wrong sometimes). The kind that makes me gloat and brag. I tend to not make the same thing twice. Each recipe is a new challenge, I find it, I try to conquer it, and then it’s no longer as much fun.

I’m unquestionably the laziest person I know. And this year, I started training myself to run outdoors. Anyone who knows me will certify that this challenge was like trying to teach Tushar Kapoor how to act. But I persevered, it took three months in harsh British winters, but I finally built the stamina to run for 30 minutes straight. Ever since, I still run, but I can still only do 30 mins. Thankfully I still enjoy running, so I hope it’s only a matter of time till I find myself a new challenge.

Maybe I’m just the person who likes the journey more than the destination. I like the idea of having a goal to work towards. But once I get there, I move the goal and start over.

I don’t know what that life changing hobby is yet. Still searching..


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